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Flush Casement Windows

What are casement windows?

uPVC Casement windows are the most popular style of window within the UK.

They are versatile, long lasting and will complement any style of home, ranging from classic to the more contemporary; they are a favourite for homeowners.

Casement windows from Tettenhall Windows & Conservatories of Wolverhampton are extremely durable, they also offer A rated energy efficiency and give you peace of mind as they are totally secure.

In all giving you a stylish, quieter and warmer home.

Suitable for any property

Simple and traditional in design but incredibly effective, casement windows featured in our range have an uncanny ability to seamlessly blend into almost every property’s aesthetic be it classic or contemporary. All come made to measure in-house at our joinery, ensuring that each unit acts as a perfect fit to even the most irregular or ordinary of apertures.

Although neutral enough to suit most types of home, the casement windows that make up our range have the potential to make a bold statement stylistically as well as ensuring your living space can enjoy a fair level of natural light transmission. When combined with double glazed Pilkington glass, the uPVC casement frames always create a stunning final result.

High performance, low maintenance

All casement windows supplied and fitted by Tettenahll Windows & Conservatories make use of internal multi-chamber profiles that aid substantially in improving the overall heat retention and energy efficiency of the home. Once installed, homeowners will be able to enjoy a much more comfortable living environment, and due to less reliance on central heating there’s always a possibility that energy bills could be reduced too.

Those prone to a frequently busy lifestyle can also rest easy knowing that each casement window’s uPVC frame is relatively low maintenance, meaning they’ll never need much looking after in order to stay looking attractive and smart. A simple wipe down of the frame with a cloth will render your window instantly clean should ever it become dirtied.

Beautiful and elegant eye catching colours

It’s easy to create a home that stands out from the rest of the crowd when making effective use of the various colour options available with our flat casement windows. Why not get in touch to explore the wide range of colour options available for your home.

Hassle-Free Quote

We’re always happy to help, so why not ask for a FREE no obligation QUOTE today online or call 01902 754114

Peace of mind guarantee

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