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Fascias, Soffits and Guttering

Fascias & Soffits

At Tettenhall Windows, we completely remove damaged areas and replace them with new fascias, soffits, barge boards and guttering, rather than simply over-cladding.

Overcladding is a quick fix for problems with fascias and soffits. It doesnโ€™t take long to install, and it can be very cheap when comparing it to a full replacement but, as the name suggests, it is just cladding attached over the top of problem areas, covering anything unsightly.

As a result, overcladding doesnโ€™t fix the problem and may even make things worse. It reduces ventilation to your roof, which can lead to damp, cracks and rotting, and can even cause areas of your roofline to completely collapse.

A complete replacement removes damaged areas and installs new, fully ventilated fascias and soffits, fixing the problem in the long term.


We provide a full range of uPVC guttering, downpipes and accessories for a complete installation of a new rainwater system at properties of all kinds. We install a range of guttering styles, manufactured to the highest standards with a choice of colours to suit your home.

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