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Why go for a House Extension?

When building houses, not everything is carried out with extensive planning or bearing in mind the changes a family may go through and need over time. More often than not, provisions for future needs or requirements within a home are not taken fully into consideration. But that does that mean that your existing home is a complete waste.

Tettenhall Windows and Conservatories transformative options for house extensions across Wolverhampton, Shifnal, Bridgnorth, Newport, Telford and all surrounding areas are the some of the most effective and innovative solutions for making your life easier!

House extension options

When looking for ways to improve the appeal and livability of your house, there is an extensive range of options to choose from. Tettenhall’s home extensions can upgrade almost any and all areas of a house and home to meet your bespoke needs. Choosing which option to extend and upgrade is simply a matter of taste, style, requirement and budget.

  • Rear extensions: Convert your back garden area into something that brings panache to your home. Make it a living space, or better yet, a patio for those outdoor parties. Rear extensions have the potential to add the “cool” quotient quite effectively.
  • Kitchen extensions: Adding more space into the kitchen is always a good idea. A larger oven top, more space for appliances – kitchen extensions can transform the way of life inside a house.
  • Dormer extensions: An attic filled with junk and dirt is the sign that you need a proper dormer extension to effectively use the space. Adding a suite in the place of your attic through dormer extensions is a good place to start.
  • Storey extensions: If saving costs is a primary aim in a project then storey extensions are the ideal way to go. This option eliminates the requirement of laying down foundations and other preliminary construction and jumps directly into the project.
  • Orangery: An Orangery is a form of room which is often labeled as a “home extension” that can be used in the same way a Conservatory can. Orangeries offer home owners the chance to extend their living space in style whilst offering styling & design that is different from your typical conservatory.

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