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Bespoke Orangeries

What are orangeries?

You may have never heard of an Orangery, whilst most people are familiar with Conservatories very few have actually heard of an Orangery. An Orangery is a form of room which is often labeled as a โ€œhome extensionโ€ that can be used in the same way a Conservatory can. Orangeries offer home owners the chance to extend their living space in style whilst offering styling & design that is different from your typical conservatory. Below we look at the main differences between an Orangery and a Conservatory. If you are still stuck on choosing between an Orangery or a Conservatory why not give one of our specialists a call to discuss your requirements.


Orangeries & Conservatories have similarities in their construction in that they will be built on a solid concrete foundation and will typically incorporate some form of a brick base.

A conservatory frame will run from the footing to the leading edge of the pitched roof. The glass panel sizes for conservatories tend to be larger.

An Orangery frame will typically incorporate brick pillars or shorter wooden pillars up to support a flat roof perimeter. Orangeries typically have a perimeter flat roof with a central roof lantern that will feature glass panels / vent windows etc.

Conservatories tend to use patio/french doors whilst Orangeries tend to use Bifold Doors / Folding Door systems

Both Orangeries and Conservatories will use double / triple glazed window units to maximise energy efficiency. Some older atrium style Orangeries may use single glazed units.

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